Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's September!

You know what's awesome? It's only 78 degrees outside right now! It's rained some, not a lot, but its still nice to have some. Just Thursday it was over 100 outside and now we've dropped to low 80's and high 70's! I hope it continues to drop, I love the fall weather we get!
I really need to quit pushing off my business plan. I've got to stop by Chevy and talk to them about a truck, so I have numbers. It's due on the 20th. Finals are the 27th and 28th. I can't wait, even tho I only get a week off. It's a break, and then new classes! So over my Intro to Computers class. I need to read for accounting too, its a independent study,so I have to really teach it to myself.

There's 112 days till Christmas lol I've had a countdown since like June >.> Only 78 days till Mine and Corey's 2nd anniversary! Not sure what we're doing yet. Probably go eat somewhere, and probably a movie. Breaking Dawn part 1 comes out a few days before it!

I've been reading 3 books on my Kindle lol. Right now I'm reading One Day, Something Borrowed, and Twilight. I'm really liking Something Borrowed. I downloaded a lot of books recently too, I need to add some more to my kindle.