Monday, October 29, 2012

First wreck ever

So BradLee kept running a fever so I made an appt. to take him to the doctor. On the way to get lunch before we go I got rear ended. There was a car between me and Ross. At a red light, it turned green, the first car goes, the second car stops to make an illegal u-turn, then the car in front of me stops, so I do, the car behind me doesn't. So he collided with me and pushed me to the car in front of me. His damage is pretty good, mine is minor from what I can see, probably new bumpers. If I can I'm going to get a whole paint job. And I hit the car in front, she just had the imprint of my now dented up HK front plate. Her car was the least damaged.

After getting BradLee to the doctor, he has flaringitis or some crap associated with Strep but isn't strep its self, I went to the Quick care. They didn't give me anything for my pain though. After I had dinner with Ross's grandma, parents and Brother, then I got his meds and stopped at a friends to get Tylonal 3. Ross stayed home, which kinda bothers me. I could sure use some loving and stuff tonight.

He took care of BradLee while I went to Quick care, he even had to take him to his grandmas. It made me happy that he offered to keep him at his house instead of sitting at the hospital with me. It seems he did good, BradLee was happy and good.