Friday, October 7, 2011

It's supposed to be fall

Where are you fall? Why is it still 90 degrees most days now? Some nights you get below 70's, but those should be highs, lows should be in the 40's. It's October, is it going to be warm on Halloween? Or maybe even Christmas? I'd like to feel like its this time of year.

School has started back, and it's already annoying. They dropped English 2, so I have 2 classes, technically. One of my classes is only 6 weeks, so the last 6 weeks its a different class. I have Marketing, Word (first 6 weeks), and Excel (second 6 weeks).Why is there such a thick book for Word? I mean it's word... I'm curious to know what's in this book that I have yet to learn, I've been using word since like middle school. I understand the Excel book being thick but word? My Marketing book has an iPhone on it. >.> So far the class seems okay, I have to partner up with someone because we have to do a marketing plan.

I have had no luck in the job search so far. I really don't want to apply for retail, because of the holiday's I probably won't get hired due to my limited availability, nor do I want to work weekends, but it's seeming so hard to get an office job. I applied to one, but they keep re-posting the ad on Craigslist, so I guess I don't qualify for it or something? I don't know. I applied for one today, but he said he's had several call already, so I'm guessing it's not likely I'll get it. I'm sure one of those other people will be more qualified than me. Having just delivery on my resume I think is making it harder.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's September!

You know what's awesome? It's only 78 degrees outside right now! It's rained some, not a lot, but its still nice to have some. Just Thursday it was over 100 outside and now we've dropped to low 80's and high 70's! I hope it continues to drop, I love the fall weather we get!
I really need to quit pushing off my business plan. I've got to stop by Chevy and talk to them about a truck, so I have numbers. It's due on the 20th. Finals are the 27th and 28th. I can't wait, even tho I only get a week off. It's a break, and then new classes! So over my Intro to Computers class. I need to read for accounting too, its a independent study,so I have to really teach it to myself.

There's 112 days till Christmas lol I've had a countdown since like June >.> Only 78 days till Mine and Corey's 2nd anniversary! Not sure what we're doing yet. Probably go eat somewhere, and probably a movie. Breaking Dawn part 1 comes out a few days before it!

I've been reading 3 books on my Kindle lol. Right now I'm reading One Day, Something Borrowed, and Twilight. I'm really liking Something Borrowed. I downloaded a lot of books recently too, I need to add some more to my kindle.

Friday, August 12, 2011

2 years old

In just under 3 hours my youngest, BradLee, will be 2 years old! I can't believe it's already 2 years *sniff sniff*

His party is tomorrow, It's Wow, Wow, Wubbzy themed. I'm sure he's going to get plenty of presents, I guess it's time to get into his room and clean it out! Get rid of the toys that he's too big for now.

I'm almost done reading 'The Nine Lives of Chloe King'. It is so different from the book, but I love it! I haven't decided what to read next, If I get 'The Lying Game' I'll probably read it first, if not then probably 'Sarah's Key' or something. I need to decide.

I finished 'Voices of Chernobyl' not too long ago, I definitely recommend it to people who are interested in that stuff. It really opens your eyes about what happened, and how people are today from it. 'No Reservations" with Anthony went there, the episode shows Monday, I'm gonna DVR it to watch it, see what its like there now.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I really need to catch up on writing my fics and reading them. Right now I'm on a break from school, I go back the 13th.

Today was pretty uneventful. I had to get my depo, where I asked the other nurse to get my nurse to do it lol she's so good at it, it doesn't even hurt! Then we went to get the windows tinted on our new to us GMC Safari. After that we went to my aunts, where Corey realized she has the same views as I do about my parents. And then we got McDonalds for dinner.

We might be getting new furniture for the living room for free!