Thursday, June 3, 2010

First one!

So I'm starting this up, yay! And boy do I have stuff to say.

So My Aunt in Law is Shannon. And recently she decided she was going to just quit one day, supposedly she had another job. Well She actually told our new store manager Shandon that I told her she was fired -.- which I think she was trying to get me in trouble. She also had the nerve to tell me I don't do any work and I'm lazy and shit, which is not true. I do alot more than her, and yes on a Friday where EVERYONE is at work, I'm not going to do ALL the damn work while everyone is standing around. I do ALL prep on Mon and Tues, my short days, and I get no thank your or anything from anyone who works those nights. Well she quit, and needless to say I come in the next day to open and she's there BEGGING for her job back. Great way to make yourself look like a fool, hopefully he will want to keep you.

We're getting rid of the call center at work, so Its time to hire people just to answer phones.

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