Thursday, January 10, 2013

Addition to the family

2013 brought a new family member. Meet Nymphadora, our new black kitten. We picked her up about a week ago, and she's settled in just fine. She's afraid of our Chinchilla. BradLee torments her, and she sleeps with us. She's pretty playful at the moment.

Since I put off moving back home this summer, right now I'm aiming for vacation at the end of November. I really would like to go to the L.A. Auto Show, it falls the last week of November, I'll have vacation built at work as long as I don't use it when I get it in May, and it'll put me away from here for Thanksgiving. BradLee will be a year older by then so a lay over flight will be easier hopefully, if I travel alone I need it easy, and he can enjoy Disney even more. We can spend Thanksgiving day there, maybe have a dinner at my dad's, if he's still living there then.

I need to actually put to paper or Word my mod list for my car, I'm going to save for parts for it as well as vacation when I can. I need to open a savings account soon to stash money away in. I hot 90,000 in her the other day, which also means to put money away to start replacing things that will need to be at 100,000. That'll be a good time to add an oil cooler, something I've wanted for a little while now.

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