Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I can't take this

How can I believe? So much of it links to it.  The way the conversations go,  the location,  the wants.  2 pictures are on it,  that are only on the phone.  Not posted anywhere for someone to take and use...  The other picture I can't find anywhere.  Most likely uploaded to it then deleted from the phone.  So saying its someone else is bs,  I just can't see how. 

I can't find any trace of it being deleted,  which means its traces were removed.  Meaning most likely all the posts were made with something to hide the trace.

If Im not enough just tell me. If you need someone to satisfy once,  just tell me.  I don't want to be hurt again.  If it truely is you just admit to it.  Lying makes it worse in the end,  I just want the truth.  Even if it will hurt me,  it can be made up for. 

I had a feeling 2 jobs would be a problem. Wanted more time from me I guess.  Maybe it turns you on to know you're secured with someone at home,  and you'd like to have a side. 

Im so scared.  And hurt that you would lie to me about it.  I don't want to be cheated on again. 

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